- Z - (A*) EPQ Artefact: “A Brief History of Graphic Design” –
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(A*) EPQ Artefact: “A Brief History of Graphic Design” –

EDIT* I was tired, Adobe was NOT founded in 1882! Only one hundred years later… in 1982.

For my AQA Extended Project Qualification I embarked on a research project focusing on graphic design’s history. I chose this topic to extend my contextual knowledge of the discipline, and to supplement my avid interest in everything design. This is the final product of this project.

The video is short and was made in a very short space of time, due to my inability to plan.. whoops. All things considered, I think it came out fairly well. Who knows how it will go down in the ol’ grade area, but we will see..

If anything I hope you’ve learnt something new; that was the underlying goal of this short, (hopefully) entertaining video!

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