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Beauty Products I No Longer Buy | I Dont NEED You!

I know not a single soul asked for this video but I felt inspired and wanted to film it haha! Let’s chat about beauty products I no longer buy, I just don’t need you! Let me know things you have stopped buying and check further down for even more info and links! This text does contain links and when affiliated/adlinks they are marked with a *

Here is a link to the Happy Clown Membership if you wanna join! https://bit.ly/2Fnw2UY

LastObjects is the company making the LastSwab, the LastRound is also live now!
https://bit.ly/2FnPzo8 *
code ANGESCHKA gets you 10% off at LastObjects (affiliated)
Here you can get it in Sweden (& I think other Nordic countries):
https://bit.ly/32eB1jG *

Samantha March video about this topic: https://youtu.be/8q4_7BgZfzw
Andréa Matillano video about this topic: https://youtu.be/L1BSRgnvE-E

I’m wearing:
Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows – Bedrock, Clean Slate, Take For Granite & Smoke Signal
code ANGESCHKA will get you 10% off (affiliated) https://bit.ly/3h4e6M9 *
Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette https://bit.ly/2EKUlwc *
Sephora Lipstories – Labyrinth City https://bit.ly/3btC8PI *
Top is old (Zara), earrings are H&M

You can find my Teespring store right here:



♡INSTAGRAM | https://instagram.com/angeschka
♡TWITTER | https://twitter.com/Angeschka

For any business inquiries please email me at | angelicanyqvist1@gmail.com

My codes to save some money:

♡Juvias Place – ANGELICA for 10% off (affiliated)
https://bit.ly/2G0EszT *

♡SIGMA Beauty – ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated)
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♡Makeup Geek – ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated)
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♡Colourpop – 5ANGELICA for $5 off (non-affiliated, some exclusions)

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♡Devinah Cosmetics – ANGESCHKA20 for 20% off (affiliated)

♡Propa Beauty – ANGESCHKA for 15% off (affiliated)
https://bit.ly/2TMpHXB *

♡Oden’s Eye – ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated)

♡Gerard Cosmetics – ANGESCHKA for 30% off (affiliated)
https://bit.ly/2DzKRQZ *

♡September Rose – ANGELICA for 10% off (affiliated)

♡OPV Beauty – ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated)

♡Touch of Glam – ANGESCHKA15 for 15% off (affiliated)

♡Love Luxe Beauty – ANGESCHKA for 10% off (affiliated)

♡Clionadh – ANGESCHKA10 for 10% off (non-affiliated)

The opinions stated in my videos are always 100 % my own, regardless of if I was sent the products or bought them with my own money. I would never try to sell you something I did not like! I will always be open about when I get things sent to me and what I think about them. And never be afraid to ask! Links marked with * are affiliated and some codes are marked as affiliated. I get a small commission when you decide to use an affiliated code/link. If you don’t feel comfortable with that just don’t use them! ♡


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