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Canon EOS R5 first look – Learn Photography in TAMIL

01:55 45-megapixel full-frame Sensor – large size prints and cropping – useful for adverting photographers or others who use high-resolution images for large size printing
02:23 Uncropped full-frame 4K & 8K – useful for higher flexible post-processing and grading – useful for cropping still get 4K video – useful for serious filmmakers.
03:48 120P for slow-motion videos
04:05 DigicX processor is really too fast and produces 10bit quality images and video.
04:30 Higher FPS – with huge buffer space it can shoot 12 – 20 FPS (20 FPS with AF and Auto exposure with electronic shutter use in quiet shooting situations. 12 FPS – mechanical shutter) even in full resolution RAW shooting – desired feature for sports, wildlife and action photographers
05:23 Autofocus – Dual pixel CIMOS AFII similar to IDX MkIII even in 8K video shooting – full-frame AF sensors for getting anything sharp in the frame
06:16 Precise eye AF for humans and animals – useful for face tracking and follow focus – desired feature for sports, wildlife and action photographers
07:05 In body IS – five-axis IS to the extent of 8 shutter speed stops – useful to work with non-IS lenses also – can work also with lens IS technology – ideal for low light and slow shutter speed shots –
08:50 Dual card slot – one CF Express card and UHS-II SD card slots – ideal for the serious professional photographer
09:30 360-degree rotatable vari angel (fully articulated) LCD viewfinder – not found in 5D series DSLR cameras…now available to rotate in all angles – ideal for odd-angle shooting and shooting Vlog videos.
10:30 Body – Well contoured like the EOS 5 series cameras – with weather sealing
Battery: lithium Ion – LP-E6NH lithium-ion battery
11:35 Price….?
12:00 Launched during the lockdown time, is a challenge for the photographers to buy
13:03 Ideally suitable for high-end professional video/movie making, advertising, sports/wildlife and action photography. May be little too much for wedding photography.

The aim of ‘KLR the photo guru’ channel offers a lot of photography tips and photography tricks to all photographers using mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras and even mobile phone cameras.

You can learn photography from me (KL.Raja Ponsing) an experienced professional photographer shooting professional assignments for more than 35 years and a mentor running a reputed photography school (
for more than two decades.

This video will help you understand the amazing facts about the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera. This video will be also open the scope of understanding the specifications of R5 very effectively and getting beautiful photos.

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