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Graphic Design for Beginners – Color Theory

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Color theory can be a very intricate subject. Today I break it down and discuss color as an element of design. If you aren’t familiar with analogous, triadic, and tetradic colors then this will be a great lesson for you. We will also take a look at logos that use color intentionally to get us to think or feel certain ways about their brand or business without us even realizing it.

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Carolina Mizrahi

Jelly Fish by David Benard

Amethyst Peacock


Pocket Full of Clovers

Colorful Door by Maree
Primary colours  - yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Graphic Design for Beginners – Color Theory

Marcela Gutierrez Smokin

Tetradic Colors
Double Split Complimentary Colors


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