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Water Blur Photography Effect I Photography tips I Learn Photography I Tamil

How to shoot the best water blur photos? and 5 Tips to get it right.

Water blur shots are slow shutter speed shots where there is a movement of water. It may be a waterfall, cascade, sea, river and so on.

The movement of the water when shot using slow shutter speeds gives an abstract feel of motion in the water. This looks interesting and adds the wow factor in the shot.

01:15 Use slow shutter speeds like 1/8,1/4,1/2, and sometimes longer than one full second. This depends on the speed of the water movement. We can try test shots to get the shutter speed right.
02:00 Shoot very early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening when light is low.
Using very slow shutter speed is sometimes not possible even after closing the aperture to f/22 and setting the ISO at 100. If the light is too bright, it is better to avoid shooting in midday Sunlight.
02:35 Use a sturdy tripod to avoid the camera shake for all the water blur shots as the shutter speed is very low
03:59 Use ND filters in case it is not possible to wait till the evening for a shot. ND filters reduce the intensity of the light and facilitate the usage of long exposures. If you do not have an ND filter, you can try using the CPL filter which also reduces the intensity of the light by 2 to 3 stops.
04:35 Most importantly include non-moving objects like rocks, plants to show that the blur created is intentional.
05:25 While shooting on a windy day shoot two shots – one in slow shutter speed and another in faster shutter speed to merge or composite them in the post.
06:52 Learn to understand the basics of photography right!

The aim of ‘KLR the photo guru’ channel offers a lot of photography tips and photography tricks to all photographers using mirror less cameras, DSLR cameras and even mobile phone cameras.

You can learn photography from me (KL.Raja Ponsing) an experienced professional photographer shooting professional assignments for more than 35 years and a mentor running a reputed photography school (https://www.ambitions4.com/)
for more than two decades.

This video will help you choose the right camera settings to shoot water blur photography.

Enjoy photography….

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