Equine Product Guide META E-BROCHURE

Boehringer Ingelheim the  Global Leader for  horse pharmaceuticals and vaccines knows what it means to treat horses and it is committed to provide innovative solutions to improve the lives and performance of equine practitioners and horses alike.


  • Vaccines (5)
  • Performance
  • Digestive System
  • Lameness
  • Nutrition
  1. Calvenza 03 EIV-EHV (packshot) (Gulf Region, Morocco, Algeria)

Influenza and Herpes are the most frequent respiratory viruses that affect horses. They can facilitate secondary bacterial infections and predispose to Inflammatory Airways Disease IAD (see below).

Calvenza provides protection against Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes viruses1 in a single vaccine as required by the US Equestrian Federation, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the French Racing Association among others.

  1. ProteqFlu® (UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey)

ProteqFlu Te (with Tetanus) provides the most current Equine Influenza protection as recommended by the OIE2. The Canarypox construct provides a quick onset of immunity, boosting antibodies as well as cellular immunity against the EI virus.

2- OIE recommendations

Presentation/s: Box of 10 vials of 1ml dose.

  1. Proteq West Nile® (Morocco, Algeria, Turkey)

Canarypox construct vaccine to protect horses and foals from 5 months of age against West Nile encephalitis. Tested by challenge trial3 it can be used in pregnant mares. One-year duration of immunity.

Presentation/s: Box of 1, 2, 5 or 10 vials of 1ml single dose.

  1. Vetera West Nile (UAE, KSA, Gulf Region,)

Vaccine to protect horses as young as 4 months old (as recommended by American Association of Equine Practitioners4) against West Nile encephalitis. Tested in the most severe challenge conditions (intrathecal challenge)5 providing one year duration of immunity after basic vaccination. Safe in pregnant mares.

  1. Tetguard(UAE, KSA, Gulf Region)

Tetanus vaccine for horses. Available in 10 dose vials.

Horses 1 mL.  IM administration

 Insol-D (packshot)

Vaccine against ringworm for horses and other companion animals (cats and dogs) for prevention and therapy of ringworm sustained by different species of Trichophyton spp. and Microsporum spp..

Indicated for horses from five months of age, dogs from six weeks of age and cats from ten weeks of age.

Presentation/s: Glass vial filled with 2 ml or 5 m. Pack sizes: 5 x 2 ml and 5 ml.

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