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Dry Cow Intramammary Suspension for Cattle


Each 4.5 g intramammary syringe contains:

Active substances:

Penethamate Hydriodide 100 mg (equivalent to 77.2 mg penethamate)

Benethamine Penicillin 280 mg (equivalent to 171.6 mg penicillin)

Framycetin Sulphate 100 mg (equivalent to 71.0 mg framycetin)


For treatment of subclinical mastitis at drying off, and the prevention of newbacterial infections of the udder during the dry period in dairy cows, caused by bacteria susceptible to penicillin and framycetin.

Dosage & Administration

Can be used during pregnancy. Do not use during lactation.

Intramammary administration of 100 mg penethamate hydriodide, 280 mg benethamine penicillin and 100 mg framycetin sulphate into each quarter, i.e.the contents of one syringe to be infused into each quarter immediately after the last milking of a lactation.

Before infusion, the teats should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and care should be taken to avoid contamination of the injector nozzle. Following infusion, it is advisable to use a teat wipe or spray.


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