Alfa Foundation


Alfa Foundation was incorporated in 1996 with core businesses in Pile Foundation and Civil Engineering Works across a diverse range of building and construction projects. Since then, we have continued to explore new development and enhance programs to meet the changing needs of our clients and society so as to be always in line with the contemporary trends. Our company has reaped a bounty of awards from all of these efforts. For years, Alfa Foundation had proven itself as a distinguished part of UAE’s crème de la crème SME’s, whereby it is ranked within UAE & Egyptian Market Most Successful Medium Enterprises based on the Annual Final Performance criterion. The company has improved its competitive positioning, performance and service level by utilizing its business performance management through strength and commitment. Our outstanding achievement has been acknowledged and listed in UAE Enterprises.


The company recognizes the imperative use of information technology to support its operations as an integral part of prerequisite to sustain its operational excellence through the integration of people, process and technology; driven by strong visionary leadership.


To complete our project safely on time, within budget, and as specified.


“Building a strong foundation in quality, safety and environmental commitments is the key to our success.”

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