TechnoWatt Group

TechnoWatt Group is enlisted as a United Gulf Construction Company which is a highly specialized construction company with core competence in building construction and civil infrastructure.

TechnoWatt Group, so far in 5 countries, 3 continents, has performed various electromechanical projects and applications; and also has established open-ended, strategic and reliable MEP systems for many corporations and organizations.

From 1999 to this day for a while commitment sector, our firm has set its work policy on creating special designs for engagement users, following every kind of innovation over the world and making application projects for our country; compromising the institutional structure with continous development, using the knowledge and experience for better production, creating a difference by giving high priority to customer satisfaction, caring the improvement and creative thinking in its studies and creating value.

TechnoWatt Group is committed to the principles of a sound and effective Quality System that ensures the quality of projects and deliverables, advances employees competencies and competitive edge. TechnoWatt Group maintains a quality system that complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Believing that the most important element is promoting creative people, supporting original projects, today, our firm makes international projects with its over 2000 experienced staff, accomplish applications and gives consultancy or control services according to demand.

TechnoWatt Group serves both government and private sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and strong commitment towards each and every project.

With “Turn-Key Quality”, TechnoWatt Group aims to establish sound, quality system with strategic value and to provide total service to the institutes that it works and shall work with.

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